OSI Industries Continues Its Founder’s Mission Of Expanding Its Operations

OSI Industries was created in 1909 when a German immigrant by the name of Otto Kolschowsky moved to Chicago to follow his dreams. There, he started up a deli and meat market, which grew in popularity. Motivated by the growth of his company, he decided to expand into the wholesale aspect of the business. Over the years, his company continued to grow and his sons joined him in the family business. Many years later, in today’s world, OSI continues its mission of expansion and has been making many key purchases and acquisitions in order to do so.

In 2016, OSI Industries made the decision to purchase a former Tyson Foods plant that is located in the south side of Chicago. The company bought the facility for over $7 million, and it will be supporting and providing infrastructure for another nearby OSI plant. Kevin Scott, the senior executive vice president of OSI North America, commented on the purchase by saying that the facility will help the company to meet the growing needs of its customer base. He also talked about how OSI Industries was enthusiastic about the purchase because of how it add to its Illinois operations as well as its nationwide offerings.

OSI Industries also recently acquired a controlling stake in the European company Baho Food. The company provides snacks, convenience foods, and deli meats to its customers, and the acquisition is expected to help OSI have a more visible presence in the region and Europe, at-large. Baho Food owns a spread of subsidiaries that are located in Germany and the Netherlands, and these include Bakx Foods, Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience, Henri van de Bilt, and Gelderland Frischwaren. OSI has decided to keep the company’s managing director, John Balvers, onboard, and he is very excited about the new possibilities related to the joining of the two companies.

OSI Industries made another important acquisition in Europe when it purchased Flagship Europe. The company has since been rebranded as Creative Foods Europe and offers its customers sous vide products, pies, frozen poultry, mayonnaise, sauces, condiments, and dressings. As an added bonus, Flagship Europe had already purchased Calder Foods earlier on, and this means that OSI will be able to offer its customers even more. David McDonald, the president and chief operating officer of OSI, commented on the purchase by admitting that it will help to expand the company’s presence in Europe.

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