Peter Briger Contributes to the Success of Fortress Investment Group

As a principal at the Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger understands what businesses want when it comes to financial investments and securing capital that is needed to run their businesses. The Fortress Investment Group specializes in capital markets, asset based investments, management, mergers and acquisitions, among other business assistance related to financial matters. Peter Briger is able to guide clients through the process of gaining capital based on their assets that they already own. The investment group is quickly able to appraise, manage, and successful finance projects for all its clients in house making the process quick and easy for any business.

Founded in 1998, Fortress Investment Group brought on Peter Briger in 2006, serving on the board of directors before being named as a principal. The company made financial headlines as the first private equity firm to go public, doing so in 2007. Since bringing Briger on, the company has significantly expanded, growing to over 900 employees and over forty billion in assets. Each of the main principals in the investment group, including Peter Briger, has an area of specialty when it comes to the operations necessary to manage the financial investments and assets of the group.

Operations management is a huge aspect of an investment company, and Fortress has invested a lot of time and money into tools that help them best manage their portfolios strategically. Managing the details of mergers and acquisitions is another area that Fortress specializes in, and the experience the company has in this area is not matched by many. Lastly, Fortress’ work in managing portfolios for a variety of industries and their investments is an area of excellence. The well rounded investment firm is unique, as it was intended to be, and it is able to do as much as it does because of the people that it attracts and the level of experience and expertise they have.

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