Plant-Based Burger From Impossible Foods and OSI Industries

Impossible Foods have become popular for providing a plant alternative to meat. So many were surprised to hear that they were going to work alongside OSI Industries, a long time producer of meat for fast-food restaurants. OSI Industries will be providing manufacturing sites so Impossible Foods can continue to create their Impossible Burgers for their big corporate clients, like Burger King.

Burger King first introduced The Impossible Whopper back in April. First in restaurants in and around St Louis, a few dozen of them, then they were available across the country. Now people looking for an alternative to meat can find the Impossible Burger in more than 7,000 Burger King locations.

The decision to work with a vegan burger manufacturer is one that OSI Industries made after noticing changes to the market. Younger people are less likely to eat meat, and they’re more environmentally conscious. So going out to restaurants means looking for patties and sausages made of plants or other meat alternatives.

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The partnership is the result of demand outpacing supply. In a statement from the Senior Vice President of Product and Operations for Impossible Foods, Sheetal Shah, no one at the company really anticipated the reception but their foods would have the public.

Impossible Foods was founded in Redwood City, California back in 2011. The company wanted to provide an alternative to meat that wouldn’t compromise taste and would also be more nutritious. They also wanted to do their part to work against the environmental ramifications that come with breeding livestock. The desire to go green has made them really popular with consumers, but being such a small company they’re capable of only so much.

Partnering is going to mean some investment from both parties. According to Shah Impossible Foods and OSI Industries will be using their locations in the Chicago area. This is where they will produce the Impossible Burger for Burger King but also working to meet the supply demands from a list of big clients.

Should consumers expect to see The Impossible burger at McDonald’s? The answer isn’t clear. But Shah says that he would like to see The Impossible Burger whereever meet is found.

Senior Vice President for OSI North America, Kevin Scott, says that it’s the perfect time to invest into alternatives the traditional foods. The Senior VP says that the company is excited to take part in What Impossible Foods is doing. Companies such as these are forward-thinking about the future, and industrial giants are looking to make sense of this emerging trend.

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