Poppy Angeloff and Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Adds Family Time to Her Busy Schedule

Doe Deere is the founder of the businesses Lime Crime and Poppy Angeloff. She has been working in entrepreneur work since she attended the University of Fashion in New York with much success due to her creative ideas. She has recently had to add more time to her busy schedule to allow for her to spend more time with her husband and their new baby.


In light of needing more time and because she hoped the business would expand, Doe Deere decided to sell her Lime Crime makeup business. She decided to sell the company to Tengram Capital. Tengram Capital has been aiming to focus on expanding the company and to have more brick and mortar makeup stores selling the products to consumers. Tengram Capital also permitted Doe Deere to have a position as a creative consultant still for the makeup brand that was her brain child.


Doe Deere’s Poppy Angeloff doesn’t use up anywhere near as much of her time as her Lime Crime business did. It allows Doe Deere to create products as the ideas come to her. She has been currently crafting Soul Mates rings and purple Pansy flower shaped rings. Poppy Angeloff is sold on the official website. There’s also links to the products on Doe Deere’s personal website.


Doe Deere came up with her entrepreneur dreams due to her move to America at a young age. It was her goal to have her own business in America once she came here. When she lived in Russia she even had a small temporary tattoo business. In America she believed she could go way bigger than her small temporary tattoo business. Despite struggling to get by in America at first, she managed to make it first at the University of Fashion in New York and then with her entrepreneur endeavors. She’s proof that the American dream is achievable for anyone.



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