Privinvest Does It All

Like the stormy seas, the shipbuilding industry can be a tumultuous one. Despite this, Privinvest has thrived as a company since 1990. It was founded by the Safa brothers, Iskander and Akram. Together, they grew the company into an international shipbuilding powerhouse. Privinvest headquarters is in Lebanon and has partner shipyards in the United Arab Emirates, France, Greek, the U.K. and Germany. Each shipyard and company work with and for Privinvest. This is beneficial, since each of these different companies have distinct specialities regarding shipbuilding. CMN is a French company and one of Privinvest’s primary partners.

CMN is headquartered in Northern France and operates an extensive six shipyard facility. They specialize in several types of shipbuilding. For instance, CMN manufactures naval vessels, with lengths of up to Specifically, these ships include Combattante, Vigilante, Interceptor, Trimaran and Corvette models. In addition to these naval vessels, CMN also retrofits ships with newer, upgraded equipment. They can upgrade the combat systems in existing navy boats, as well as the mast systems. In surveillance vessels, CMN can implement more effective technology. Finally, they are experts in ship repair and remodelling. Beyond navy ships, CMN has also been working on environmental projects. Currently, they can construct hydrokinetic turbines and platforms for the turbines. These are used to generate electricity from seawater.

CMN was successful before their partnership with Privinvest. Their reputation was built from their excellent work on naval combat ships. The technology and craftsmanship of the various naval units literally saved lives. CMN grew as more and more militaries wanted ships built by the company. Increased business and increased investment allow CMN to do research and develop new seafaring technology. One example of this is the experimental ‘Ocean Eagle’ ship. It is designed for surveillance missions and is incredibly quiet and seriously fuel efficient.



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