Raffaele Riva Gives Instruction To Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Raffele Riva has built quite a reputation for his expert knowledge concerning a number of financial services and products. Areas of expertise for Riva include asset management, wealth and estate planning, trusts, real estate, and transactions for international businesses.

Riva is the founder of the AUREA Multi-Family Office. Other operations he oversees as the head of AUREA is SA Milana Fudiciaro, BGB Aurea LTD., Aurea Gestioni Patrimonialia, and others. Riva’s capacity to lead these many ventures is a testament to his international business acumen.

Riva honed his abilities as a businessman over an 11-year period from 1997 to 2008 with a number of start-ups. During this time, he directly managed the day to day operations of each of these new businesses. Riva was also entrusted with the job responsibilities of a senior executive with a company that did business in Canada, Latin America, Western Europe, and South Africa.

Raffaele Riva added the skills of auditing specialists and accounting while working for a Big 4 Company in the U.K. and Italy. This job required Riva to learn the ins and outs of negotiating international contracts.

Riva is often admired by young entrepreneurs across the globe who wish to emulate the success he has enjoyed. Riva is nonchalant but straightforward when questioned about his philosophy for becoming a successful businessman. Riva’s advice is to do what makes you feel good and do not fear the possibility of failure.

Raffaele Riva is a voracious reader and surrounds himself with people he can trust. This allows him to make informed decisions with the benefit of trusted council.

Riva also instructs ambitious young businessmen to put their clients first. He says once an entrepreneur is at the point where his first thought each morning is how to bring more value to his customers, his business will begin to grow.

These and other tips given by Raffaele Riva are treasured and closely followed by a number of young entrepreneurs.


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