Raffaele Riva: The Investing Entrepreneur

Raffaele Riva is a British-national entrepreneur who is working in London and New York. He has a successful career and he has been prosperous in helping people starting their new businesses. He has stood out in the new market and has helped a lot of entrepreneurs build their ideas and help them grow rapidly with their skills and knowledge. Riva has completed multiple degrees in and around London and then he completed his master’s from Said School at the University of Oxford. He stepped into the corporate world as he started his tech firm with his colleagues in 2006. He saw a rapid growth in his first business and seeing this immense growth he connected with funding elements that were necessary for new startups. He after selling the company worked with the CEOs of different companies and saw the growing opportunities in their market. He worked sleepless for his work and his hard work combined with his name made him a renowned angel in London.

In an interview, Raffaele Riva told the viewers that his work starts before the sunrise due to the time-lapse. He checks his emails at his favorite coffee shops. He also told me that his weekends are also the same and he is continuously working through the week. He also told the viewers that he would advise his younger self, and hence the youngsters, to slow down. He told me that no matter what your hard work will prove beneficial for you in some stage of life. He also told the youngsters that the idea is important but what is more important are the people working on the idea. So we should invest more in the people willing to work on it instead of investing all on the idea. Raffaele Riva has been successful in his 10 years’ career and has built his name in the industry by his skills and hard work.

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