Rebel Wilson Celebrates Birthday With Cats Themed Day

Social media has always been something that Rebel Wilson uses on a somewhat constant basis. Throughout the past few years, the Isn’t It Romantic star has shared information and photos from behind the scenes in many of her films. Furthermore, she’s also shared a countless amount of personal information through her post.

That was also the case recently when Ms. Wilson took to Instagram to share images from her birthday; by the looks of the posts, she’s after having quite the birthday party. Her friends had thrown her a surprise birthday with a variety of different special activities that were related to the Broadway play Cats.

The theme was perfectly picked, as Rebel Wilson has recently finished filming a live-action film adaption of the play. According to reports, Ms. Wilson will be appearing alongside the likes of Dame Judy Dench, Idris Elba, Ian McKellen, James Corden, and Jennifer Hudson.

Furthermore, hit singer Taylor Swift will be appearing in the film in a somewhat prominent role. While the film is set to be released this year, not much is known in the way of an actual release date. For her part, Rebel Wilson has been confirmed as Jennyanydots. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

With that in mind, Ms. Wilson’s friends took her to a variety of different activities, with many of these being Cats-related. The first of these was a themed exercise class called catzercise. As Rebel Wilson noted on Instagram, the group had a 30 minute catzercise class followed by the group performing its own short dance.

Ms. Wilson posted the results to Instagram, with the results being somewhat better than people would expect. The friends also dressed up as characters of the play, with Ms. Wilson herself being a standout among the group. This was primarily because, as the birthday girl, she was able to don pink highlights to her outfit in contrast to the all-black that her friends were wearing.

After the class, Rebel Wilson also noted just how much they loved the class and said it was a great workout. Because of that, she encouraged all of her fans to try the class at least once. But that doesn’t mean that that was the end of the Cats themed celebrations.

As she noted on Instagram, later that evening Rebel Wilson and her friends took to a performance of Cats; Ms. Wilson also took some images with the cast and praised the performance. She also included a subtle nod to her own casting in the movie adaption by noting that the play was well cast.

However, that doesn’t mean that that was all that Ms. Wilson and her friends did for the birthday, although it was an end to the Cats-themed activities. Ms. Wilson noted that, during the day, the group went to a cake making class where they were each shown how to make a birthday cake properly.

Similar to the Cats-themed dance, many of the cakes that the group made came out a lot better than many people might expect. Afterward, the group reportedly went for pizza before going to the exercise class.

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