Reflecting the Life of a Successful Portland-based Entrepreneur, Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Merger Tech, an international Mergers and Acquisition firm that serves as an expert tech consultancy through its experienced team. Nitin started his career journey at Oracle and later on worked in a paper manufacturing company after soon after completing his studies. The successful entrepreneur has endured a great deal of ups and down to be in his current position, but all the way he kept accelerating the paddle of pursuing his passions.

Early Life of Nitin Khanna

Nitin was born in Himachal Pradesh from a family of entrepreneurs who were the source of his inspiration, although his father worked in the army. As a young boy, Nitin spent most of his youthful years in different business enterprises like motorcycle production company and cement plant industries, where he sourced skills that he later came to implement for his enterprises. At the age of 8, Nitin attended Lawrence School, one of the top-ranked school among the finest in India. The school recorded a world history in 2013 as the first school globally to send seven students to navigate through Mt. Everest.

Growing and Turn Around of Nitin Khanna

When asked what advice would he take what if he was a youth, and the response is that he would console his spirit to patient and steady, and not to be anxious; work hard and smart, keep your eye on the goal, make a strategic plan, and work towards achieving those plans.

During his 17th birthday, Nitin moved to the United States where he attended Purdue University, where he studied industrial engineering. He is also a masters graduate of the same discipline.

Work and Career Growth

Soon after graduating from Purdue University, Nitin Khanna first job was in a paper rolling company where he was accepted as a trainee for two years. After two years of training elapsed, Nitin was qualified for work.

In early 1995, Nitin was employed to work at Oracle but left in 1998 to carry out another business endeavor with his younger brother. In 1999, Nitin and his brother founded Saber Software company, where they spent a decade growing the business.

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