Richard Liu and his Online Company

Richard Liu is a highly prolific entrepreneur in China who is well known for being the pioneer of online shopping. He is the owner and the chief executive officer of, one of the leading online shopping platforms in China and Asia. His entrepreneurship journey is interesting and inspirational considering that he comes from a humble background. Richard was raised in a low income family where his father was a coal shipper but dedicated to knowledge. Mr. Qiangdong, Richard’s father, invested vastly in the education of his son as he believed it was the only way to nurture his future.

After completing his primary and secondary education in Jiangsu, he proceeded to his tertiary studies at the undergraduate school of the University of China where he pursued his bachelor’s degree in sociology. While in the university, Richard fell in love with computer programming and he ended up attending some programming classes during his free time. Richard Liu used his little knowledge in computer programming to work as a part-time computer programmer in one of the local companies around the university vicinity.

The little money he used to earn Richard saved it and added with some family loans then he started a hotel business. His venture did well for some months later it collapsed. Richard Liu continued with his studies, and after graduating, he joined the international University of Europe and China where he pursued his master’s degree in Computer programming.

Richard Liu started working as a director of computer and business in a Japanese health product manufacturing company after graduating from his post-graduate studies. After serving the company for some years, Richard Liu resigned and decided to start his own business. He together with his wife ended up starting a mall which was selling magneto-optical products.

His business was doing well until the year 2003 when its performance deteriorated due to the SARS outbreak which affected China forcing citizens to stay indoors. Richard decided to make his business an online one, and he ended up founding He officially launched his online company in the year 2004.

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