Richard Liu Knows Business Success and How to Remedy Cavities

Richard Liu is a successful venture capitalist who originally entered the workforce as a dentist. He was influenced by his mother, a respected community dentist, to become a dentist himself. As a child, Richard Liu would often accompany his dentist mother to work.

As a result, Richard Liu developed an interest in dentistry and set his mind on obtaining a career in the field as a dentist. He worked as such for five years at a New Hampshire dental place called the Evergreen Dental Care after completing his dentistry school training at the Harvard School of Dentistry. During this time, he served the local community members by performing dental services such as simple fillings, restorative dentistry, veneers, crown restorations, and dental implants. As a result, Richard Liu developed an exceedingly good reputation as a dentist throughout the community.

Just as his dentist career was thriving, he became smitten with all things related to business and began moonlighting as a small-scale investor making investments in a few consumer goods and technology startup companies. Being a part-time businessman proved insufficient for him, and he decided a career in business in earnest by enrolling in MIT with the goal of obtaining an MBA, which he obtained in due time. After working several years as an analyst, Richard Liu went and founded Morningside Venture Capital. At the helm of this company, he began an earnest acquisition of numerous startup companies in such sectors as technology, artificial intelligence, consumer services, media, among others.

Richard Liu is also an associate professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Brown University, a private Ivy League research university located in Providence, RI. His education and training include the obtainment of a BA from Cornell University in 2002, an MA and a PhD from Temple University in 2007 and 2011, respectively.

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