Richard Liu’s Career as the Head of is China’s leading e-commerce retail firm. The company was established in 1998. It was a brick and mortar firm situated in Beijing, the country’s technological hub. The company mainly focused on selling various electronic products. They were genuine, unlike other sellers. For that reason, the company gained a stellar reputation. Its client base expanded. The business grew within two years of operating. In five years, it had opened 12 more stores. They were all profitable.’s success is primarily appended to Richard Liu who founded it. He is also its cheerleader and has worked hard to ensure that the firm stores and sells legit goods. Its services are also impeccable.

Over the years, Richard Liu sought to expand his business further. However, around the same time, the SARS outbreak paralyzed a lot of companies. Consumers couldn’t get out of their houses for fear of becoming infected. Being a fast thinker, Richard Liu established an online business. He moved his initial services to the new platform. As such, he advocated for the utilization of technology in different companies and enterprises. Within a year of its formation, he had rebranded the company’s name into 360Buy Jingdong. He provided the same products. Customers quickly adapted to the new shopping platform. They were impressed by’s services.

Vendors started to book marketing platforms at the company. Since the company was growing, it encouraged prolific investors to put their resources in the business. Some of them are such as Google in addition to Walmart. became the first company in China to be listed on NASDAQ. It went public after registering a stock value of approximately 15 percent. Today, Richard Liu is the CEO. He is worth about $12 million. Prior to establishing this business, Mr. Liu was an employee at Japan Life. He worked as a sales representative before leaving the company in 1998. He attended China’s People University for sociology. He also learned how to decode numerals in various organizations. He applied the skills in his e-commerce business in the long run. Today, Liu has alliances with Tencent as well as Walmart.

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