Rocketship Education Continues To Bridge The Education Gap

Every child in the world deserves an opportunity to experience an excellent education. Unfortunately, what is ideal and what is real are rarely the same things. Children coming from high-poverty areas across California may not always receive the kind of education that transforms lives.

Gratitude has made all the Difference

Rocketship introduced gratitude as a value because they thought the quality would help students build strong relationships with other learners and teachers. At first, gratitude was just another value.

Today, anyone visiting any of the Rocketship schools becomes aware of the gratitude feeling upon entrance. Appreciation started as an idea launched to support social-emotional teaching. Its purpose was to help students express themselves.

Learning Kindness in Seven Days

Each day for seven days, each student wrote words to thank or appreciate another student whose name appeared on the day’s half-sheet of colored paper.

At the end of that week, each learner received seven sheets that revealed what others appreciated about them. Here, kindness is more than an emotion — it is a choice that everyone at Rocketship Education makes every day.

Strengthening Public Education in San Jose California

Preston Smith, an experienced educator who also happens to be Rocketship’s current Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, has seen things change over the years.

San Jose’s Low-income families today face tougher economic challenges than households did in the 1980s. But there is hope.

One study shows that San Jose’s students from low-income households who attended a high-performing public charter school enjoyed more than a month of additional learning in reading and math.

There is need to strengthen schools committed to excellence. Fortunately, some prominent business leaders in the region are lending a helping hand. Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO and Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg are some of the leaders who have offered to help.

The work Rocketship Education has started aims at transforming the lives and livelihoods of many in San Jose and California. They need everyone’s support.

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