Sahm Adrangi: The Financial Master.

Sahm Adrangi is an alumnus of the University of Yale where he graduated with a bachelor of in economics. He is the founding father and the CIO of Kerrisdale Capital Management Company. Earlier on, he was working for a company named Longacre. In Longacre, he was in a position as an analyst in the investment sector. He performed many pieces of research while at the Longacre company. He also did some analysis for credit fund and equity fund.

Kerrisdale Company was initiated in the year 2009. Kerrisdale is mostly concerned with permanent value investment. The company primarily practices exclusively in performing the convincing researches in the financial sector. Kerrisdale has done a lot of significant investigations under the management of Sahm Adrangi. These researches include in the field of biotechnology, mining sector, and telecommunication.

Immediately after founding Kerrisdale firm he became a very prominent person in investment banking for unmasking the fake companies that are run by Chinese. He after that did comprehensive research that convinced the SEC to punish some of the Chinese fraud companies.

Sahm Adrangi has a lot of determination in making the Kerrisdale Company an outstanding. He put much effort by ensuring all his customers are satisfied with the services offered by this company. He builds his name and business by taking a calculated risk. He used millions US dollars belonging to his customers to buy to buy a stock. Customers gave him the money after he promised that the money would grow instantaneously. He was able to make a considerable profit through the capital. He managed to return the client’s money with interest as he promised.

Besides his role at Kerrisdale Company, Adrangi has been a guest spokesperson in many conferences like Activist Investor Conference, Sohn Conference, and the Distressed Debt Investing Conference. He has also appeared in various journals like New York Times and Wall Street.

Sahm Adrangi will be remembered because of the significant things that he has done. One is the act of mercy and kindness. He has offered his precious time coaching the normal people different methods and skill to use for financial stability and also become managers of their businesses.

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