Securus Technologies’ Amazing Video Visitation System for Xmas

Spending time with your family during important occasions is one of the most joyous moments in any person’s life. The reason is that during such periods, you get to show your family that you care. It is a different matter if you are a convict. You don’t get to be with your family during such occasions. It was the main reason why Securus Technologies introduced video visitation during the festive season. Everyone wants to enjoy Xmas, so it’s only fair to include our brothers and sisters in jail in the celebration. The video call makes all the difference. It is hundred times better than not physically showing up.


The new system allows the incarcerated to have a feel of X-mass with their family. Before this amazing technology, people had to make long trips to visit their relative or friend in prison for Xmas. The routine was tedious considering the amount of time one had to use waiting for the inmate. This was made worse by the fact that one was allowed just a few minutes of conversation with their loved ones. These kinds of communications have the advantage of keeping both sides happy and keeping alive relationships between the inmates and their loved ones.


Securus Technologies is a company whose sole purpose is to link the incarcerated with their loved ones through various communication methods. It is the leading provider of communication services to inmates. Securus helps family and friends communicate with inmates through video visitation or different calling options. These are available to all users of personal computers, tablets or smartphones (Android or Apple). The company is based in Dallas, Texas. Currently, it serves over a million incarcerated persons in North America. The company offers its services to more than 2,200 correctional centers in Canada and the United States.


On March 14, 2016, Securus Technologies received BBB Accreditation. It means that the company can be trusted by its customers. One of the services they offer, video visitation, enables loved ones to plan the date of visiting the incarcerated. There is also the option of visiting them from anywhere you like by the use of your PCs, smartphones or tablets.  The company’s website connects you with the customer care team where you can shoot any questions or engaged in a live chat.

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  1. The video visitation service for Xmas ensures that both the incarcerated and their loved ones are happy. If one wants to access services offered, all they have to do is sign-up. That alone can be a way for to do what is required and to make sure all these things comes into mind.

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