Securus Technologies Clarifies the GTL’s False Claims

Securus Technologies is a company based in Dallas that provides public information, inmate monitoring, biometric analysis, self-service products and information management that are meant to improve public safety. The firms provide its services to public correction facilities and all law enforcement agencies in U.S and other parts of the world.



Securus Technologies has made significant attempts to negotiate jointly beneficial and smart financial agreements and understandings with companies that use it exclusive patents before its permission in its entire past. The firm has a capability of coming into the common ground on fair licensing with many parties that include the GTL license agreement.



The 7 June 2016 article by GTL had many statements that Securus found to be inaccurate and misleading. For reason that is unknown, GTL had decided to use their resources to take part in license fight with Securus Technologies. Securus went forward to set the matter straight and correct the several misleading GTL claims by making it public of its exclusive business rights which exceed the one that held by GTL. Securus illustrated how its copyright metrics were much better than those of GTL’s.



In addition, Securus noted that the Texas federal court litigation was long overdue and that GTL was in no position to search any further favor. With regard to the GTL’s claims on the validity of 816 copyrights, Securus went to court rehearing, thus GTL was unable to request for damages as it had earlier stated. Even though the PTAB had refused to review the allegation made against Securus, GTL was proclaiming a single independent claim from the 816 patent rights in the lawsuit against Securus. The GTL independent claim failed to correspond to the crucial security feature revealed during the agreement between GTL and Securus.


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