Securus Technologies Helping Keeping Drones Away from the Prison Perimeters

There is a growing problem of drones trying to enter the prison premises to drop multiple packages containing anything from drugs and tobacco to even weapons. Since prisons are becoming more technologically advanced with high-end cameras and surveillance system, it has become difficult for the inmates to use the traditional methods to smuggle the illegal materials inside the prison. Thus, even the criminals are becoming technologically sound, and they are using hi-tech tools such as drones to deliver the packages to the inmates. These drones are not easy to detect, and the operator can easily operate it from far off.


The deliveries of illegal goods may seem like a nuisance, but it can quickly turn into something dangerous. There have been attempts to deliver weapons using the drones that can lead to the death of inmates and prison guards too. Thus, to save lives and to stop inmates from causing trouble, it is essential that the drones be stopped completely from the premises of the prisons. But, it is only now that the prison industry is taking the threats of the drones more seriously and is open to adopting technology that would help the prison official to catch the drones before they can deliver the package to the inmates.


There are many companies that have contributed to the growth and modernization of correctional sphere in the last few years, but the contributions of Securus Technologies are by far the most noticeable. Securus Technologies has spent millions in the last couple of decades to develop new technologies that would help in building safer communities and ensure the lives of inmates are much easier and safer. The inmates now get to choose from many different communication options, which was something that wasn’t applicable earlier. Securus Technologies feel that the use of technologies is the way to prevent crime inside and outside the prison. Many of the investigative and criminal justice technologies offered by Securus Technologies have helped in reducing the crime rate in the prisons.


The launch of wireless containment and drone detection technology by Securus Technologies has played a vital role in ensuring that the illegal use of contraband supplies is stopped inside the prison. The wireless containment system has proven to be highly effective in eliminating the use of contraband phones inside the prison, once and for all. During the testing phase, the wireless containment system was able to stop over 1.7 million illegal communication attempts through the contraband phones. The drone detection technology is another such technology by Securus Technologies that would help in ensuring that the drones are not able to enter the corrections space without being detected. The drones are being used for many different reasons by the criminals, especially for supply contraband items inside the prison.



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