Sergey Petrossov: Entrepreneurial Phenomenon

Sergey Petrossov is a startup phenomenon, but when asked what his secrets are, he says “The great entrepreneurs, it comes back to perseverance. If you truly believe in what you’re doing, you’ll get there one way or another.” The young CEO of JetSmarter turned his hobby into a billion-dollar business. When he took his first private jet flight, he wasn’t wowed by the luxury, but frustrated with the hassle it took to book and charter. Jet technology was great, but the booking system was archaic. So he created what has been dubbed, “The Uber of the Skies”. He created a business that is mobile app-driven. The app allows people across the world to book trips on private jets through the ease of their phones.

What seemed risky and full of pitfalls and failures at first, has turned into a billion-dollar business. While many in their 20s or 30s opt for safe corporate jobs, Petrossov has danced from one endeavor to another with the ease of a ballet master. His advice to millennials who have a burning desire to create companies is simple. “Be bold,” he says. “When you’re young, those are the years you can take the most risks. Pretend you’re 80 years old and looking back on your life—how would you feel if you didn’t try anything? Take as much risk as you can when you’re young. Because you can’t when you’re older.”

Sergey Petrossov

Don’t give up,” he says. “There are lots of hard times, but I found that, no matter how difficult something is, you should keep falling, and if you keep getting back up and move forward, it’s virtually impossible to fail unless you’re physically incapacitated.”

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