Sharon Prince Hopes To See Grace Farms Promote Positive Change In The World

Situated in just northeast of New Canaan, Grace Farms is 80 beautiful acres of large, open and preserved natural scenic land. There are beautiful gifts from nature at every turn, each path bringing people from different backgrounds together. Earth Day programs have always been a highlight at Grace Farms, and this year is no different.

For Earth Day 2019, Grace Farms will work directly with The Nature Conservancy to host their annual event. This year’s itinerary features expert-led informational sessions, open discussions, special programs, and fun and educational activities for the entire family. Sharon Prince, President of Grace Farms Foundation was inspired by the upcoming events to begin thinking of ways to use Grace Farms to incite positive changes in the world. The combination of the Cattail Pond, numerous bird species and native insects along with the beautiful rolling meadows can all work together to inspire visitors and help strengthen their relationship with nature.

In addition to her work with Grace Farms, Prince is an unwavering advocate against child exploitation, human trafficking, and violence against women. She currently serves on the board of Unchain: Freedom Needs Fighters, an organization under the Grace Farms Foundation with a goal of ending modern-day slavery on a global scale.

Grace Farms was founded on one simple belief. The organization believes that space has the power to communicate. Prince believes that it is within this space that the foundation hopes to blend people from all different walks of life with the beautiful elements of nature and watch the beauty of peace and unity unfold.

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