Sharon Prince Hopes To Share Her Vision At Grace Farms

Sharon Prince is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who is known for founding the Grace Farms Foundation and also for being the former President of the outerwear company known as 66North. Through her leadership and development, the University of Tulsa graduate managed to distribute the brand through 100 different stores throughout the United States. Sharon Prince established the non-profit foundation that operates privately back in 2009 and had the vision to create a public space that would bring people together while enjoying the beauty and serenity of nature and the land that Grace Farms is preserving for future generations to enjoy.

Grace Farms is not just a place to preserve nature, but Sharon Prince Grace Farms has also built it to be a cultural institution as well a community center that inspires people to think about many different topics while leaving them more open to discuss them with others. It is a place of learning and peace in which people can enjoy everything that its natural surroundings have to offer. There are many different programs offered through the organization and they vary throughout the different times of the year. Sharon Prince stated that the land is what inspired Grace Farms as it leaves visitors with a sense of awe.

Sharon Prince ensured that many areas of Grace Farms were turned to preserves that allow for the natural species of the area to thrive without being negatively impacted by the forces that humans can bring. She is honored to be able to educate others about the importance of preserving nature so it can be sustained for many generations to come. Bird watching has become a popular activity at Grace Farms as there are over 40 species that live in the region naturally and many of them are often spotted by visitors to the location.

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