Sheldon Lavin CEO Of OSI Group Has Changed The Process Of The Food Industry

Sheldon Lavin owns a major corporation that supplies food to many businesses. Sheldon started learning more about business while in the banking industry. Later, he became an owner of a financial consulting firm. He began to arrange accounting and financing for Otto and Son. He learned that it’s hard to maintain a meat processing facility without supplying to restaurants. As he learned more about business, he expanded to Europe and North America. The owner wanted to produce the best quality in food and packaging. He has done an outstanding job with starting his own companies. Today, the business owner is over a corporation that processes fresh beef. OSI Group LLC has become the number one supplier of packaged food in America. McDonalds has been getting their supplies from OSI Group for a while. The packaging has always maintained freshness for clients. In reality, the restaurant continues to be one of the customers that relies on OSI Group. Join and Connect linkedin to see Sheldon Lavin’s full profile.

Sheldon Lavin has helped with charities that supply the less fortunate families in the US. The company has expanded globally and has made many opportunities for restaurants and meat supplies in different countries. Sheldon Lavin is employing over 18k employees. The food industry allows each employee to have a retirement plan and benefits. The company is proud to announce that it owns 65 facilities. Some facilities are in different countries. Sheldon Lavin has continued to contribute to local charities that help feed children.

The industry has changed many different areas. Of course, there are employment opportunities that some citizens have in other countries. OSI Group has been successful with keeping the clients happy about their food supplies while keeping their company running at the same time. Sheldon Lavin is excited to be in the business for 40 years. He wants to start dedicating time to help families that may need help with employment. Source:

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