Stream Energy Focuses On What It Can Do For Its Neighbors

A company that comes along and says that it wants to do everything within its power to help its neighbors is truly something special indeed. This is exactly the way that you could describe Stream Energy. They are a brand that decided that they wanted to do something about the people who have up until this point been suffering from the impacts of Hurricane Harvey on their community.

Houston was the area that was the most heavily hit by this particular storm. Stream Energy is a Dallas-based company which meant that they personally knew some of the people who were hit by this storm. They wanted to do something about it if at all possible. Their course of action was to create a charitable arm of the company that would focus on common sense solutions to helping those who have been caught up in the storm.

Stream Energy decided that it would be best for them to provide simple things like diapers, school supplies, and clothing to people in Houston. They knew that just by doing these simple things that they could extend a hand of friendship out to those in the impacted areas. They also felt that it would help their brand image to have done this kind of work. After all, people tend to like it when a company shows that they are able to do good in their communities.

Stream Energy is not opposed to gaining some positive exposure for what they have done to help out obviously. At the end of the day there isn’t much reason to be mad at a company for attempting to do what is in its own best interests as long as it also cares about the interest of the community at large. Who could really argue that this is such a terrible thing after all?

This company is continuing the tradition of a lot of corporations to be fairly generous with their excess funds. There is going to be a total of approximately $19 billion dollars donated to various causes throughout the United States this year. Stream Energy wanted to be a big part of that.

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