Taking Over a World of Beauty: Brown Modeling Agency

Today, the Brown Modeling Agency is taking over the world in modeling and talent. It has grown to be a big name in these industries all over the world, and especially in Texas. In the year 2015 Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South merged to become what is known today as “The Brown Agency”. With Justin Brown as President of the Company, he believes in choosing only the best and finding the most incredible talent out there. This companies big standards, and high expectations, really help set them apart from the crowd. This merger was a start to finding big success.

Today this agency takes the head of fashion and print modeling in Austin Texas. They set high expectations and could make it to the top of the leader board in just a short period of time. The Brown Agency has even been able to work with a lot of people that were eventually sent to work for even bigger brands: Louis Vuitton, L’oreal, and even Dell. By taking the time to seek out the best of the best, this agency can put out a lot of great talent all over the world.

According to Market Wired, at the start of their new agency, this company could bring the world of modeling to a rise in Texas. When they started their business, they had a beautiful fashion show as a kick off to their new adventures. For this show they worked closely with designer Lina Asaf, showing off her new line that she put together in just two weeks. This show featured beautiful designs starring grays and silvers. The show was a big hit and this new agency really took off.

With the combining of two established and successful companies, this agency took off. Even today they are still seeking new talent and beautiful models to help bring even more success to this agency. By taking a chance and moving to Texas, they have been able to find hidden talent that they never expected to see. It is amazing what kind of things can happen when you take a chance and work hard. The possibilities are endless.

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