Talk Fusion Unveils Live Meeting Software to Connect With Anyone In the World

Bob Reina announced in a live broadcast that Talk Fusion will now be offering a new Live Meeting feature that will allow you to hold broadcasts to users all over the world. They will be able to view the broadcast without downloading any software; they can simply use their browser to do so. The WebRTC technology causes the video and audio to be high quality. The broadcasts support up to 500 users.


Talk Fusion also uses WebRTC for their Video Chat software. Talk Fusion is a leader in WebRTC technology, and they have won an award for it. They have won other awards as well, such as for having the best software for communication solutions.


Talk Fusion has a Video Suite for marketers. This will take care of all of your video marketing needs. Everything is included in it. Talk Fusion also launched the Talk Fusion University, where Talk Fusion Associates get free access to Bob Reina’s thirty videos that explain his secrets to success. The Video Suite can be used for free if you want to try it out for thirty days. They are so confident that you will like it that they do not even require you to enter your credit card information to get the free trial.


Bob Reina is an expert marketer. He founded Talk Fusion and is the CEO. He says that they move at a fast pace at the Talk Fusion office because he gets up very early in the morning to make sure that everything is planned and on track. He is super excited about online video and how the technology for it continues to get better. He is particularly excited about WebRTC and how it can be used for video marketing. He says that video basically lets you be anywhere in the world at any time.


Bob Reina says that being consistent and persistent are the keys to his success as an entrepreneur and why he is so productive. He says that he is strong willed and makes sure he gets things done. Learn more:




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