Talkspace an Online Therapy provider

Talkspace is an international leader when it comes to online therapy. The company and Michael Phelps, a world champion swimmer, are coming together in campaigning about mental health. The two partners aim to let the public know that therapy is one of the central tools in improving the psychological health of an individual. The campaign will feature on national TV where Phelps will be narrating how depression almost took his life. The campaign aims to encourage people to come out and share as well as seek help. Through his story, Michael Phelps hopes to motivate more people to seek therapy as well as making them know that anybody can suffer from depression and anxiety. Michael Phelps went through anxiety and depression, and he got help the moment he decided to seek it.

According to Michael, there are so many people who are suffering quietly without seeking help. He goes ahead to say that people should seek therapy as soon as possible and not wait until it’s too late. Additionally, he claims that therapy is currently available to anybody and it is not expensive. He was excited when he learned that he could access a licensed therapist through his smartphone from anywhere at any time. Talkspace focuses on getting rid of the mental health stigma that makes many people not to come out and get the help that they need.

New Directions Behavioral Health has partnered with Talkspace, an organization that provides online video, text, and voice messaging therapy. This relationship aims to enable the clients of New Direction Behavioral Health to access the platform of Talkspace through the company’s Employee Assistance Program. According to the New Directions CEO, Lee Tuveson, the partnership will make it easier for clients to reach therapy with a qualified psychiatrist on their terms which will be practical as well as convenient for many people. Moreover, workers who have personal, work, and relationship issues will access confidential and secure behavioral health support through their mobile phones. Currently, more than a million people have used Talkspace. The company offers its therapy services through web and mobile apps.

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