Talkspace: Mental Health and Texting your Therapist

Talkspace is the new way people are seeking out help with mental illness. Users are getting a lot from the platform that has transformed what it means to talk to a therapist. They are utilizing a platform that gives them the privacy they’ve always wanted. Talkspace has excellent features that take technology to whole other level when it comes to facing mental illness. Reviews show that users can’t get enough of the platform that is allowing them to text a therapist while riding the bus. They get to unload their daily problems right from their own personal cell phone while looking for answers on how to handle a problem. Read more about Talkspace at

This is great news for those who could never connect with a therapist in real life or just couldn’t fit in the world of therapy that had its own rules. Now users are expressing their positive reactions to getting on a treatment plan faster then they expected once meeting their new therapist. They are talking about how leaving a audio message instead of talking from a couch is changing their way of perceiving therapy. Many have become used to the Talkspace application that makes it simple to just send a text or talk from a desktop computer.

Talkspace as mentioned in various reviews is the new way to find a therapist and communicate at their leisure and forgo the pressure that isolated sessions in an office can bring to the patient. Some talk about their experience of finally getting read of negative emotions that was making their life had to live. Talkspace for its users is the best alternative if you are not comfortable sitting in the typical therapist office to get some advice. Users are learning that this new platform is allowing them to no longer suffer alone with their mental thoughts.

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