Ted Bauman’s Career Journey

Ted Bauman doubles as an analyst and a writer for Banyan Hill Publishing. He writes articles on crucial topics that affect our day to day lives. Most of his items focus on the financial sector and how specific strategies by the government affect ordinary civilians while profiting financiers and people in the business. Ted Bauman has learned to incorporate real-life examples that his readers can relate to in his articles. Ted was born in Washington but moved to South Africa during his teenage years. He attended the University of Cape Town and graduated with degrees in History and Economics.

In South Africa, Ted worked under the public sector as a fund manager for different housing companies. He also held executive positions in different housing finance companies. The companies mainly focused on providing individuals earning low incomes with affordable housing projects. Ted is a pioneer of Slum Dwellers Internationals, an organization that has provided more than 14 million people with low-cost housing. His work in the public sector greatly impacted people’s lives.

After spending almost three decades in South Africa, Ted Bauman moved to Atlanta with his family. Despite his busy schedule, Ted finds time every morning to drop his daughter at school before commencing with his daily activities. Ted discovered that he works better in the morning and uses the time to complete the most difficult tasks. He ensures that he completes all his work before 5 pm by managing his time well.

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Ted Bauman has also worked in various enterprises such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and at gas stations where he handled ordinary duties. The jobs taught him that to make a difference in a society, the low-income earners’ welfare should be considered among those who earn a lot. Ted soon realized that he did not want to do minimum wage jobs for the rest of his life, and this motivated him to make something better out his life.

Ted continually researches different topics to be always informed. As a writer, the information he feeds to his readers should be factual and up-to-date. The Internet is an excellent source of information, and Ted uses it once in a while. Ted’s passion for creating a difference in people’s lives through his work is indeed paying off.

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