The Art Of Delegation

Vijay Eswaran serves as the Executive Chairman for prestigious QI companies. The headquarters for the business is nestled in Hong Kong. Vijay has established a reputation for his many charity contributions and book writing style. Many companies seek his expertise and request him as a guest speaker. By doing so, businesses often reap the benefits of Vijay Eswaran’s wisdom. As a graduate of The London School, he set out with a goal to learn as much as he could. This inspired him to further his education in Chicago, focusing on binary marketing. For several years proceeding his MBA, he helped numerous companies in America and Asia. The proficiency of Vijay Eswaran helped propel many businesses during this time in his career.

Just before the new millennium Vijay played a key role in creating the network marketing business known as QI Group. All of The company’s offices are located throughout Asia; and they cater to just about every demographic you could think of. From investments to specialized consumer goods, QI covers much ground.

The story of Vijay Eswaran is one of not giving up and believing in yourself. Although it has been a long and trying road, he states that he has no regrets along the way. For a person who has a net worth of a half billion dollars, his drive to succeed further ignites him. Duplication is a strategy that he praises for his business’s success. He realizes that everything cannot be done by one person so having the right people around you is a vital component for growth. Delegation is the most impactful art he exclaims. If we do not let people spread their wings while allowing ourselves to delegate, things don’t move forward the same way.

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