The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is Working to Reduce Congestion

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority built the 183A Toll road and was responsible for transforming the communities around it. they also built the U.S. 290 toll road between Austin and Manor which helped to triple the capacity of the previous road. It also improved the nontoll lanes that were previously there. The Mobility Authority is a local agency that was originally established by the residents of the Travis and Williamson counties.


Although they cannot completely eliminate the problem of traffic congestion, the Mobility Authority is working hard to find solutions to reduce it substantially. The MoPac has variable toll rates that helps to ensure a more predictable flow of traffic and they have tried to ensure that the Express Lane is always moving.


The mobility Authority always tries to integrate technology into their roads so that it will help to improve the traffic conditions. There are fiber lines embedded into the US 290 so that one day it will be possible to communicate with the infrastructure.


The Mobility Authority has teamed up with Metropia in order to create a traffic app that is able to monitor traffic and provide alternative routes for its drivers. They are also working with Carma, a carpooling app that encourages commuters to carpool. There is an astounding percentage of drivers in the Austin area that equates to 900,000 empty seats on the road every single day. If only a few of those seats could get filled, it would make a big impact on traffic congestion.


The Mobility Authority really tries to implement Shared Use Paths whenever possible in order to help reduce traffic congestion by encouraging pedestrian and bicyclists to use the paths more. They have already built one along Williamson County along the 183A and there’s one going up over the MoPac as well.


Mike Heiligenstein speaks nationally and in Texas about infrastructure and transportation and is well-known for his strong commitment to problem solving. He is the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority and has served the company since 2003. He has been with the company when they built their first toll road and has seen the efficiency and the cutting edge technology implemented with in their projects since the very beginning. Mike Heiligenstein is a very strong and vocal advocate for bicycle and pedestrian facilities and is always trying to get them built whenever there is the opportunity.



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