The Chainsmokers Highly Popular Music Production and DJ Duos

The Chainsmokers is one of the most popular DJ and music production duos in the industry. They rose to fame with the first single named “Selfie” that they released in 2014. As soon as their first song was released, it went on to become a huge hit and was listed in the top twenty in Billboards in several countries. Later on, The Chainsmokers became a familiar name in the EDM industry, and they were called on for shows across the world. The Chainsmokers have also won the Grammy Award for the Best Dance Recording recently. In a relatively short period, The Chainsmokers have been able to strengthen their position in the music industry by releasing hits one after the other. The fan following of Chainsmokers is across the globe.

Recently, The Chainsmokers talked to Billboards about their new single named “Side Effects” Alex Pall, and Andrew Taggart is what the Chainsmokers is made of, and they are known for their different and innovative music taste that has aligned with the young population worldwide. In a recent interview, Alex Pall mentioned how most of their songs reflect what they are going through in their personal life. The daily life they live is where most of the inspiration comes from. Finding beauty and inspiration from small moments in life and the ups and downs we go through is what helps them make the kind of music they do.

Alex Pall also talked about their chemistry and relationship with Emily Warren, who has featured in their new album. The Chainsmokers has on many occasions in the past partnered with Emily Warren for vocals. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart both mentioned how it is so much fun working with Emily and how she contributes to the entire process of making a single, starting from co-writing the lyrics to music composition. Andrew Taggart said that in the future, The Chainsmokers aims to tour globally and come out with tons of music that is innovative and which would hopefully touch the hearts of millions of people worldwide. As of now, Andrew and Alex are excited about their new single “Side Effect” that is already catching up with people and getting a positive response.

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