The Developent of Diversant LLS and John Goullet’s Career

John Goullet is an entrepreneur in the IT sector, and he has gained recognition for creating some of the industry’s most recognized companies. Info Technologies is an example of the firms that he started, and it has achieved a lot in the sector. The primary service of the enterprise was IT staffing, and it was primarily dedicated to serving the U.S Fortune 500 companies. The company strives to understand various IT staffing problem that the corporate world faced and looked for the best way of solving them. Goullet began his IT career by serving as a consultant, but he switched to IT staffing after founding Info Technologies where he worked as the chief executive officer. The company made significant profits, and by 2010 it was valued at about $30 million. It was featured as one of the top companies in the Inc. Magazine’s leading 500 businesses.

John Goullet is the current chairperson of the Diversant L.L.C. He joined the company after integrating Info Technologies with Diversant Inc. The firm is currently registered as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise since it majority shareholders are African-Americans. Diversant has the best strategies for offering services to its clients, and this has been helpful in boosting their confidence, and therefore, creating long lasting relationships. The staffing solutions that it has specialized in are direct hiring, replacement and strengthening of the IT staff, and diverse creative services. The company has always been conducting its business while consulting its clients, and this makes the customers feel like they are partners.

The development of new technology in the U.S and other parts of the world has led to the lack of enough experts in the market. Diversant has been using its exceptional recruiting methods to assist its clients in sourcing and hiring the best individuals. Apart from the academic qualifications of the experts, the company has also been considering the talent and experience that they have in the industry.

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