The Development Of 600 NoBe Is Just The Start For Boraie Developments

The North Beach area of Atlantic City used to be a blight on the region, according to Boraie Development Vice President Wasseem Boraie. In the view of the condo development expert, the best way of removing blight from the city is to build on it and stop the problem area from being such. In the place of one of the most unhappy and hard to view areas of Atlantic City is a new condo development that includes three towers built by the Boraie Development company that surround a stunning courtyard pool. For those who do not frequent Atlantic City, the fact that so many people are flocking to the newly constructed development is the fact the condo towers are far more impressive than any other local condo construction.

For the leaders at Boraie Developments, the move to Atlantic City made sense for the fact it provided a new area to shift into that would give them multiple choices for new developments to explore in the future. Along with the development of the 600 North Beach property, Boraie Developments recently signed a partnership deal with MGM International that will see the company develop an area of the Marina District. The fact the Atlantic City area is a popular one with those looking for a second home in a location where gambling is one of the main industries that make Atlantic City a prime site. Repeating the success of 600 NoBe in the Marina District will provide the second success story of 2019 for the New Jersey-based company.

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