The Driving Force of Toyo Setal Engineering Company

Toyo Setal Engineering Company is a Brazilian firm that focuses in the provision of services such as engineering, building and construction, and contracting services for establishing highly intricate industrial establishments such as oil and gas, mining, steel manufacturing, infrastructural development to mention a few. Having been founded in 2012 the firm functions as a subsidiary company of TS Participações e Investment.

The firm’s mission is to provide engineering services, thus creating sustainable growth internationally. Therefore, based on the capabilities of this firm, they aim to provide their clients with all-inclusive remedies that fully meet their expectations. It’s also in the interest of the firm to participate in the actualization of a Self-sustaining Global Community by merely coordinating the provision of energy and necessary materials at the same time protecting the environment.

To achieve this mission, the firm has established and maintained the right affiliations with their partners where both parties will benefit. Toyo Setal aims at making significant attempts to achieve sensible profits to increase the value of their business to meet the expectations of their stakeholders and again reward their employees appropriately and promote their skills development with the main aim of creating a conducive environment for everyone to work on with pride. Toyo Setal Engineering Company also puts into consideration the welfare of the community through their Corporate Social Responsibility. They do this by creating a way of incorporating individual technologies into a complete heightened system as well as implementing their mission.

Toyo Setal Engineering Group vision is to be the leading engineering partner in the world. They aim to achieve this by becoming the most trusted and long-standing partner to their customers by providing solutions to their problems. Being the first-ranked company worldwide, Toyo Setal Group also aims at establishing projects throughout the world in the most efficient method which is optimal to the local demands. Therefore, this would be achieved by developing and utilizing the best business networks worldwide via partnerships established by their group of companies and other firms worldwide. The firm also aims at creating a series of intellectual property by upholding, managing, and making use of those intellectual properties, thus providing a long-term solution to the needs of their client.

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