The Elusive Secrets to Increasing Your Brain Activity with Prevagen

 Holding on to a Youthful Mind

We are simply in awe of our senior citizens who maintain their physical health. From the 80 year old that can run a marathon to the 90 year old that can deadlift 100lbs.

These are clear evidence that age doesn’t necessarily cripple the human body physically, but what about our mental health. The link between physical fitness and mental fitness is obvious, and with proper lifestyle adaptations plus the introduction of Prevagen, an old soul can feel young again.

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The Link Between Physical and Mental fitness

The Hippocampus is a region within the brain primarily responsible for the brains learning and is at the core of its memory systems.

Through clinical trials of children, adults and the elderly it has been recorded that the hippocampus responds very positively to aerobic exercise, even stimulating growth sometimes.

It has been known for awhile that physical exercise can tremendously aid an individual with learning, comprehension and knowledge retention and now there are concrete reasons why.

Research has shown that children who were allowed bouts of aerobic exercise where less distracted and more focused during their interspersed lessons.

German researchers also discovered that walking or cycling during the learning portion of a program helped volunteers retain foreign language vocabulary.

So what are some of the most recommended exercises for mental health:

  •  Learning a new musical instrument or a foreign language
  • After 20 minutes of sitting, get up, move around and stretch
  • Play memory games
  • Engage in social interaction while exercising

Where Prevagen enters the Equation

We have specially designed Prevagen to be a cognitive assistant and too help neural pathways establish themselves within the brain. Prevagen contains a compound called Apoaequorin, originally discovered in jellyfish, and it is reported to aid in memory, healthy brain functions as well as producing sharper and more clear thinking.

In a double blind, Placebo controlled clinical trial, Prevagen was shown to increase cognitive functions after a 90 day period. Additionally, in a clinical trial a group of adults with age-related cognitive deterioration showed signs of improved memory function after taking a single Prevagen daily.

Be in Control of Your Brains Health

All of these facts and the research behind it doesn’t help if you don’t commit to it. Planning ahead and setting aside a specific time for your physical and mental health is key.

We have developed Prevagen not as a cure all for mental deterioration, but as an additional measure you can take to safeguard against “getting old.” The science supports it and we feel confident in offering you this product.

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Prevagen plus your commitment to physical and mental well being may very well be the game-changer you’ve been looking for.

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