The Illustrious Career of Isabel dos Santos in Entrepreneurship

Isabel dos Santos is an entrepreneur that has made a name in the industry over the years. Her investments go beyond Angola, her home country. Forbes magazine lists her as the top wealthiest women entrepreneur in Africa. Isabel’s investments revolve around different portfolios that contribute to the global economy. Besides, her ventures provide the daily bread to employees above 50,000 globally. The investor’s involvement in the industry dominated by the male generation sets an example to other women yearning to join the competitive industry. The 46 years old has thrown her weight behind the most profitable industries in Angola. Isabel dos Santos has invested in the telecommunication industry through Unitel. The company is one of Angola’s largest companies in the sector. In the two decades that Isabel has engaged in her entrepreneurship act, she has invested her money and other resources in media, finance, energy, and construction.

Isabel joined the entertainment industry even before investing in different portfolios. She opened the Miami Beach Club that changed the social status of Luanda Island in Angola. Isabel dos Santos has the talent of identifying the fertile grounds for investment, including the diamond and the cement industries in Angola. Besides opening companies in the mentioned portfolios, Isabel invests in purchasing shares like in the case of Nova Cimangola. Isabel is one of the most prominent shareholders of the cement-making firm. In the country’s retail market, dos Santos took center stage in setting up various retail stores across the country. Her outstanding investment at Portuguese corporation Condis in 2013 facilitated the opening of the chain’s first supermarket. She has continued with her continuous investments in the country over the years.

Contrary to other investors that invest only in their home countries, Isabel dos Santos spread her net wide to other countries globally. She followed the steps of her father, Eduardo dos Santos, to invest in energy. Former Angola’s head of state had interests in the energy sector. Isabel has spent on the same in Amsterdam through her company, Esperanza Holding B.V. Additionally, she has diversified her financial and telecommunication investments to Lisbon and Portugal, respectively. Her Zon Optimus SGPS and ZAP companies contribute significantly to the media and satellite sectors in Portugal. In Lisbon, Isabel’s Santoro Finance collaborates with Banco B.P. in providing financial services to the country, among other investments.



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