The Innovation of Isabel dos Santos

For nearly two decades Isabel dos Santos has been working to make an impact on businesses around the world. A Russian-Angolan businesswoman, Santos is the daughter of of Angola’s former President José Eduardo dos Santos. Her decades of work have earned her a reputation as one of the most successful women entrepreneurs in African history. According to Forbes her 2013 net worth was more than two billion US dollars, making her Africa’s first billionaire woman. Currently Santos serves at the head of Unitel, Angola’s largest telecommunications company. She is responsible for creating thousands of job opportunities in her home country.

Isabel dos Santos is a native of Baku, Azerbaijan SSR. She attended college at King’s College in London where she studied electrical engineering. After college Santos showed tremendous interest in the area of communications. During her professional career she has contributed to several other industries which include construction, energy, finance, and entertainment. Her resume includes several positions in important leadership roles. She has managed banks, retail companies and even entertainment companies. This variety of experience has been very helpful as Santos has built her career. It has provided her expertise knowledge of the economy around the globe and what it takes to improve it.

Santos’s experience includes opening the Miami Beach Club, her first business, which was the one of the first night clubs and restaurants on Luanda Island. Isabel dos Santos is a more than just a successful businesswoman. She has spent her career focused on helping others. Over her career she has invested in many countries including Portugal and Angola. She has also spent large amounts of time participating in business forums and lectures. Isabel dos Santos has had the experience of speaking at the ECR Africa Summit where she spoke to the European Parliament. Santos remains very focused on developing digital infrastructures in Africa. She is convinced this is a major way to help improve the nations economy.


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