The Latest NewsWatch TV Review

Avanca Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign


Avanca Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign hired NewsWatch TV to promote their campaign which was set to get $10, 000 in 30 days. The campaign was done by NewsWatch in the national TV and through their online channel. The result was unbelievable; Avanca got $456, 551 which was 29 times more than their expectation. The one-minute campaign segment was viewed by over 96 million Americans in more than 200 U.S markets.


Contour Design Campaign


Contour design campaign wanted to reach more Americans so that they can increase their sales. The contour design campaign got 697, 924 online impressions which in turn helped to drive sales for the company. Contour Design’s marketing manager, Bret Hudson said that the video quality that reached over 95 million Americans in over 200 U.S markets was great and it tremendously increased sales.


Saygus Smartphone Campaign


Saygus approached NewsWatch to promote their new smartphone in their online channel and national TV. NewsWatch TV filmed the segment at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The NewsWatch promoted Saygus smartphone in Barcelona and also in their online channel. Saygus realized sales that exceeded their expectation by more than $300,000.


SteelSeries Campaign


The SteelSeries campaign reached over 95 million households in U.S and was viewed in every market in U.S. The marketing director at SteelSeries; Tori Pugliese said that the information got their customers in a way that they could understand hence increasing their sales.


About NewsWatch


NewsWatch is a weekly TV show that is aired in more than 200 markets in U.S. It has been around for more than 27 years and aired more than 1000 of its episodes.


The content of NewsWatch includes fashion, new product release, travel and tourism, consumer electronics, consumer and business issues among others. The success of NewsWatch lies in the hands of between 11-50 employees who are specialized in areas like video news release, entertainment, and media tour among other such areas.


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