The Power of a Dinner Hosted by Jeremy Goldstein

The world is currently in a state where each sector operates in its own way, but yet everything is interconnected at the same time. The Food sector, the law sector, and even charity organization can all cross paths in a variety of conditions. Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer based out of New York City. This was the location where he not only grew up, but also attended school at several levels. He takes a lot of pride in seeing the area reach its fullest potential. He spends part of his day working in the business underbelly of the world. The law firm he runs is often tasked with breaking down complicated cases to find the winning angle. While outside of the office, he is a public figure in sharing the wealth. Gazette Day recently published a story about an event he held.


Jeremy Goldstein spent the early part of his career trying to reach a level of status where he could have more freedom. The school he attended and the cases he picked were all part of a bigger goal. It payed off as in the past decade he has been directly involved or gave advice in regards to some of the most high profile cases. The article describes how every so often he will host dinner party for the locally based charity organization The Foundation House. This group has taken it upon themselves to help out fellow humans by giving all the assets they need to get back on their feet. Jeremy Goldstein is a board member in this organization.


Between the price of entry to the dinner and donations made during the event, Jeremy Goldstein is able to raise a lot of money to further the main missions of he organization. The Foundation House has been a fixture of New York City life for decades as it came into existence in 1944. The organization has since made strides in conveying their mission and expanding their sphere of influence. Gazette Day describes the four major goals they strive towards. The first set of goals are outreach programs to spread the need for more facilities to treat mentally ill individuals, and at the same time find more people who need to be connected to the right person. The next set involve public education and awareness campaigns. They want to encourage every person to think about their present mental state and learn there is nothing wrong about being a little different.


The dinner hosted by attorney Jeremy Goldstein will go a long ways in bringing The Foundation House and mentally ill individuals a little closer to their goals. Those affected just need a push to get their lives moving once more.


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