The Primary Purpose Of Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is a medical institution that takes care of the old. The UK-based facility started in the year 1985. The group offers an opportunity for the old who want to live life to the fullest. Many people entrust us with their loved ones. The primary purpose of the institution is to give emotional and psychological support to people from all walks of life.

At Sussex, we carry out routine training on how to handle people with special needs to our staff and the community members. We make time spent at the facility worth the appreciation by providing nutritious meals, especially for people who need special dietary. We believe that a good life is more than just leaving without illness.

Sussex Healthcare has more than 23 facilities across Sussex and more than 500-bed spaces. We offer physical and emotional stimulation activities. The levels of understanding to the clients are exceptional. Besides, we accommodate adults with developing statuses like learning disabilities, autism, brain injuries, and neurological condition. Some patients, who have the willingness, can participate in various community activities like gardening. We offer transportation to the old and the disabled to amenities like swimming pools and gymnasium. At Sussex Healthcare, we have numerous facilities like spa pool, specialist gymnasium, track hoists, and multi-sensory rooms.

Working at Sussex Healthcare is a calling in care giving. Apart from the remuneration, the employee should have a heart of positive altitude in changing the lives of the clients. The institution operates under the leadership of two co-founders. One of the co-chairs is Shiraz Boghani. The leader qualifies for the hospitality management. Also, he is the chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group, an institution that runs more than 20 successful hotels in the UK. The other co-chair is known as Shafik Sachedina. The individual originated from Tanzania, Dar-es-Salaam and moved to the UK in his adolescence in the year 1975. Thereof, he studied as a dental surgeon in the London University. Also, Sussex Healthcare announced Amanda Morgan-Taylor as the new Chief Executive Officer in March 2018. Morgan-Taylor considers the interest of her workers by assisting them through their challenging life situations.


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