The RealReal Is Not Your Typical Consignment Store

What is the RealReal?

If you are into buying used clothing, thrift shops or consignment stores, then you may have already heard of the RealReal. It is an online store and a brick and mortar store at the same time. The RealReal is a novel concept that combines two ideas. It combines the idea of secondhand items and luxury goods.

Essentially, the RealReal lets people buy and sell high-end clothing from brands such as Luis Vuitton, Chanel, and Gucci at bargain basement prices. The buyer can find incredible deals on dresses, jewelry, skirts, pants and much more. Sellers also have a lure. They sell their items on consignment. When an item is sold, you get paid after the store takes a commission.

The main draw of the RealReal is that it allows people who would be unable to buy new luxury goods a chance to purchase them through consignment. There is a drawback in that the merchandise is used or imperfect. It may have some light wear and tear such as a loose button or some loose thread. The merchandise is guaranteed to be authentic and is looked over by a brand expert to ensure authenticity.

RealReal has a brick and mortar location in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan. It also sells its used designer clothing on the internet. People grab deals both on the net and in store. All items at the brick and mortar store are also sold online. Shoppers at the store can have the items removed temporarily while they ponder purchasing them at the store.

RealReal’s Instagram

A great way to find out what kind of items are available for sale on RealReal’s online store and at their brick and mortar location is to browse their Instagram account. You can find hot items for the summer like an authentic Gucci red women’s bathing suit. There are also plenty of handbags and accessories such as a black Saint Laurent handbag that is sure to fly off the shelf. There is jewelry available as well, such as a Cartier necklace that is sure to impress. Visit the RealReal Instagram page to see more hot used luxury items that you can purchase.

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