The Revolutionary Founder of JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov has become a household name in the travel industry, as the principal founder of the company JetSmarter, a mobile services company headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Sergey Petrossov began his innovation in 2012 and serves areas worldwide. His concept and market? Mobile application, flight sharing, and aircraft for hire.


Named as one of Forbes “30 under 30” business leaders in 2016, Sergey Petrossov launched the beta version of JetSmarter to a group of private aviation users. His goal was to test the market and seek venture capitalists to fund JetSmarter’s scope of expansion. It proved successful. Mr. Petrossov raised a substantial amount of funding to secure his position in the world offering the savviest travel app for celebrities, the Saudi Royal family, and notable investment bankers willing to maintain the JetSmarter app as their go-to for all aviation travel.

The concept

Sergey Petrossov, a native of Russia and graduate of the University of Florida, became the 28-year-old billionaire who wanted to apply the Uber model to private jets. He felt that consistently grounded airplanes could fly five to seven times more if they were efficiently run. Instead of flying with empty seats, the Jet smarter app allows anyone to fly to their next destination with a $15,000 per year access to the site.

His innovation services range from:

  • Seats on existing jet pooling flights will start around the same price as commercial flights.
  • On-demand private flights backed by a low-price guarantee.
  • The JetSmarter app allows passengers to search for and set up alerts for empty flights leaving their designated cities.
  • Membership is $4,950 per year offering unlimited ability to book seats on existing flights as well as shared flights worldwide.SERGEY PETROSSOV

Private aviation made simple

The country club in the air” is how Sergey Petrossov describes his revolutionary JetSmarter app. He’s reinvented private air travel by making it affordable and straightforward. He’s improved lifestyles one flight at a time.

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