The Rise of Entrepreneurship Genius, Nick Sarnicola

Nick Sarnicola is a self-tailored entrepreneur and a professional team builder who has secured his rightful place in the marketing industry. Nick has resourceful knowledge in launching marketplace, brands, and products. He’s a co-founder and the chief executive officer of ViSalus, a fitness challenge company based in North America.

CEO Sarnicola has directly contributed to the transformation of start-up companies into multi-millionaire companies. He specializes in the ultimate development of products, companies, and people in in the fitness and direct sales industry.

Nick Sarnicola prioritizes on how to educate entrepreneurs to maximize their full potential. His passion and dedication in promoting brands have created more than 50 millionaires in a short period. Nick is well-versed with leadership strategies and approaches. He has been customizing and introducing innovative leadership skills. Today, he’s responsible for 100,000 task force which operates internationally.

Nick Sarnicola’s journey to success

Mr. Sarnicola believes in inspiring people and transforming the lives of his clients.

Nick started his entrepreneurship career path in 2005 when he founded ViSalus Sciences. In 2011 he founded the NextGen Company, a company that invests in people’s dreams. Later, Nick co-founded Liv2Giv foundation, an organization that helps communities to be sustainable and become self-reliant. He has also co-founded Liv Global, a lifestyle company that allows clients to enrich their lives.

Nick Sarnicola is a renowned philanthropist who has dedicated most of his fortune to better the lives of other people. He has been funding give-back drives such as Liv2Giv and Vicares. He’s also a keynote speaker who has been offering advisory services to young entrepreneurs through writing and mentorship programs.

Today, the philanthropist heads ViSalus Ventures, a company that develops high-quality supplements and nutritional products that sells internationally, courtesy of promoters. In the United States, the firm markets as ViSalus and under the brand Vi in the United Kingdom.

Finally, Nick believes that hard work and determination can change situations. According to him, passion and goodwill have played a critical role in his success. Nick suggests that entrepreneurs should display a high level of willingness and desire to grow in a bid to achieve their desired milestones.

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