The Success of Fashion Designer Glenn Schlossberg

Glenn Schlossberg is recognized as a leading fashion designer for women’s fashion. A large part of his success is partly due to his entrepreneurial work. Over the years, he found various strategies that would help him to market his brand and get him recognized in the fashion scene. As a child, Schlossberg grew up in his parent’s clothing shop, where he quickly took an interest in fashion design. From there, he would dedicate most of his formal training and education to becoming a fashion designer. The next several years of his life would be inspired by the latest trends and patterns for a variety of styles. He wanted to challenge himself by thinking ahead of what was already designed. His determination and a profound sense of creativity were what lead to him to a successful career.

Schlossberg finds inspiration in places that may not be expected. He is also passionate about race car driving and considers the designs of the vehicles while thinking of new designs. Connecting two seemingly unrelated ideas is one of the many tips that he offers for other aspiring designers. The idea of race cars goes beyond aesthetics. The nature of the sport is very competitive, much like the fashion world. Schlossberg views his performance in the fashion world with the same level of aggression and instinctive determination as he does with racing, reports by

Finding the right design is more than the design pattern. Another equally, if not more important aspect is the fabric of the designs. Glenn Schlossberg designs his clothes with practicality in mind, meaning that people would feel comfortable wearing. He mentions that there are numerous fabrics to choose from, and many of them may be a suitable fit in terms of comfort alone. The challenge, however, is finding the right fabric that will complement the colors of the design. Different materials have different properties. The light may reflect more intensely on designs than others, and so on.

Schlossberg’s main goal is not only to stay ahead of fashion trends, but he also desires to make sure that the fashion he designs affordable. This encompasses other challenges such as finding the right sizes and leveraging the balance between affordable clothing and high-quality material. It’s these challenges that motivate Schlossberg to constantly put out his best work. Schlossberg plans to set up courses that will give students a higher education in fashion design.

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