The Top of the heap: Laerte Codonho

Laerte Codonho is a man that knew what he was doing at a young age. He is a Brazilian businessman who built his company up over more than thirty years and made it the best way he knew how. His company is called Dolly and it is a soda pop factory. It like all businesses started off very small but soon found its niche in giving customers a high- quality product. Once word of mouth started to spread about the company Laerte Codonho had to make sure the brand was kept intact. It has now been serving consumers of Brazil since 1987.

One of the things that Laerte Codonho makes sure of when the products are being made is quality control testing. He makes sure that each of the individual ingredients that go into making the soda is the best that it can be. Laboratories make absolutely sure that things go according to plan and the high standards of Dolly are met at every turn (Istoedinheiro).

Quality is not the only thing that matters to Laerte. Different marketing campaigns have been used over the years to make sure consumers get the best product possible. One of the things the company did, according to Laerte Codonho, was to introduce changes slowly. In 2003 the company created something new when it came up with the idea of a mascot to represent the company. The mascot is named Dollynho and it became a hit around Brazil and made the company even more popular.  This mascot visits schools to make them aware of the importance of a balanced meal and a healthy lifestyle. Clever marketing can keep a company on top.

One thing that Laerte had to watch out for the competition. One of the things that happened was other soda brands were not as popular and they began to take aim at Dolly. The regulatory laws became more stringent and he began to look into the charges. Since he found the origination of the charges he has done everything he can to make sure his brand is on the up and up.

Laerte Codonho has found his gold mine. He has made Dolly popular throughout Brazil and offers a high-end product. That makes him happy.



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