The Unique Outlook And Learnings Of Tobias Jaeger

Tobias Jaeger is from the Netherlands, and was already capable of running companies when he was in college. His first business was developed while he was attending the Maastricht University, and it was called Business Associates Europe. The company brought university students together with consultants in the provision of in-depth research. He explored the industries of online gaming strategies, provided courses for personal empowerment, delved into the entertainment field, and supported the leaders of the next generation. Tobias Jaeger created AXIOM pictures in Europe, and established a connection between entertainment, and finance. He supported the troops stationed in Germany, connected a multitude of people, traveled worldwide, and became proficient in numerous languages.


Tobias Jaeger believes due to the fast pace of the entertainment field, financing individual projects is separate from corporate finance. AXIOM Venture Capital was designed to benefit the strategies involved for individual project strategies, instead of simply looking for entertainment films for television, and film. This provides him with extremely varied days, and makes concentrating on what is important challenging. He believes in meeting his goals with efficiency, and reflection. A large portion of his days are consumed with meetings, phone calls, research, and industry events. His decisions are based on conducting research, eliminating all possible guesswork, and acknowledging his gut intuition. He has discovered how much can be learned from an interview, and the importance of taking projects one step at a time.


Tobias Jaeger believes the key to running a successful business is efficiency. This means anyone who is an expert in any industry must continue to work on their skills to remain experts. This gives him an insider’s view as to who he wants to work at his businesses. He also pays close attention to nutrition, he realizes it has an impact on his productivity, and he has realized he accomplishes more when he feels good. Tobias Jaeger has additionally realized the importance of listening to his gut instincts. In his earlier days, he relied on figures, and facts. Sometimes this worked, but he now understands most of the wrong decisions he has made were made against what his gut was telling him. He has gained a lot of knowledge from speaking with random individuals while traveling, at hotels, airports, etc. He learned what makes people tick, reach decisions, and how they face challenges. This has given him a wider view of people, and the world in general. At times, he has received an excellent recommendation from a stranger, met a new business partner, or client, and this has led to his understanding of how to provide help with an individual’s career, or project.


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