The Unique Startup Consulting Approach Used By Luke Lazarus

Luke Lazarus is a successful entrepreneur and an international startup consultant known for his increasing and impressive track record in leading a massive number of struggling startups to multimillion-dollar IPOs.

He is strict, and he always tells it as it is without beating around the bush. According to him, in the business world, the ability to be brutally honest is a direct necessity.

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Lazarus confronts new entrepreneurs directly regarding the areas that they lack knowledge and expertise. He says that a large number of entrepreneurs are highly talented and intelligent. However, most of them lack the most basic skills regarding brand messaging, the arts of high finance, and travelling the globe looking for investors.

As a consultant, Lazarus helps new businesses to shape their messaging, operations and books in a way that will match to what the venture capitalists and expert investors are looking for. According to him, there is a very huge gap between what many business people think when it comes to how venture capital operates and the realities.

This assumption is what makes most new businesses that are looking to grow into saleable conditions to fail. The reality is that new businesses find it hard or impossible to grow into mature and sustainable companies when they lack sufficient capital.

Again, Lazarus points out that a significant number of new entrepreneurs read a few articles in magazines that show how businesses seem to have easily obtained financing or reports about the huge amount of money circulating the world seeking yields.

From these stories, the entrepreneurs incorrectly come to the conclusion that getting capital is as simple and easy as putting a speech together, setting some meetings and some PowerPoints.

The startup owners then tend to give up on venture capital easily after they have contacted many investors and fail to get even a single hearing.

The fact is, new companies need venture capital to survive, and the self-financed theory is a myth. Most startups that cannot secure enough financing usually have a high insolvency rate in their future.

Luke Lazarus has years of experience in starting and growing companies into maturity and then selling them at significant profits.

He helps his clients to turn around their struggling companies by shaping them into the type of operations that is enticing to venture capitalists. According to him, entrepreneurs need to grab the attention of venture capitalists within the first thirty seconds in order to close the deal.

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His unique approach to startup consulting also involves creating emotional connections with everyone from customers to stakeholders. He helps companies to develop such relationships to make the businesses more meaningful and not just a way of making money.

Background Information

Luke Lazarus was born in Melbourne, and he graduated from the Melbourne Business School with an MBA.

He started his own business ventures after graduating. In a span of more than a decade, he had launched, grew and sold off four successful businesses and at the same time gaining valuable business lessons from his experience.

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