To Change Lives, Start With Yourself

In 2007, Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion, an internet communication company based known for their video email service by the same name. The idea came to him in 2004 while touring a house in North Carolina when he attempted to attach a 10-second clip to an email to send to his family for their opinion on the house. When AOL, the service Reina was ulsing, stated it couldn’t complete his request. He wondered why that was, it seemed something so simple should be easy to do, and years later Talk Fusion was born.


Reina is a good sense of humor and is known for saying, “with great success, comes great responsibility. He is self-disciplined and always aims to preserve, which has to lead him finding immeasurable success in his ventures.


He believes when we are, our dreams are big and limitless. We want to be insanely successful, live in huge mansions or become famous. Then life starts to take us down, and we get comfortable in leaving paycheck-to-paycheck. He argues, why shove those big dreams aside for a life deemed more realistic?


We have to stop convincing ourselves that we have missed the chance to be successful as we have dreamt. With this mind frame, surely we will miss opportunities we have slowly let go. Raina asserts that if he wants something enough, no one is going to slow him down and that includes even himself.



No matter what it is, we are going to face challenges that will make it seem like we won’t make it. Reina’s advice is not to waste time living in fear, the only thing holding us back is our belief of whether we can or cannot. And that’s it; the only thing that separates those that make it and those that do not is the determination, the ambition, and the drive to keep believing and fighting through doubt. Learn more:

It doesn’t matter how old someone is, the future is unwritten, and you should not settle for anything less than extraordinary. You must take personal responsibility and refuse to live laying down. It’s possible to win.

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