Todd Levine Is Respected Commercial Litigant with A Superb Record and Firm Legal Background

Long-serving, highly experienced, Miami litigator Todd Levine, is a commercial litigator with the wealth of knowledge in legal corridors and finance. He studied at the University Of Florida and earned Bachelors’ degree Arts honors, Finance in 1988 and later graduated with honors in law at the University Of Florida Levin College Of Law in 1991. He was admitted to the Bar in 1991, became a member of U.S. District Court Southern District Of Florida and a member of U.S court of appeals in 1992. Currently one of the most recognized lawyers of Kluger, Kaplan, trust and estate group, Todd Levine, is a specialist in commercial real estate litigation. In most cases, his clients include, stock brokers, contractors, subcontractors among many others in disputes arising from real estate transactions and real estate projects.


Todd Levine, early training in Finance, enables him to tackle complex business litigation, especially when handling cases with mega cash flow and complex agreements. He can analyze the circumstances, examine witness and experts, and, then give an account of the situation while advancing the position of his client. Through his analytical skills, Todd Levine scopes key buried evidence to overturn tables making a case with slim chances a matter of question in a court of law by developing very compelling arguments.


Todd Levine has a great passion for music, art more so, gifted in Math and Science. In his free time he plays guitar singing his favorite tune, at times also, he attends various music concerts. It is also worth to note that, in addition to his vast knowledge in finance, his passion for sports and entertainment, enables him to litigate on various cases in sports and entertainment. He is the community member and a philanthropist, and Todd Levine is a member of national Parkinson Foundation which helps the unfortunate members of the society suffering from Parkinson disease.

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