True Value Hardware Corporation Announces Key Personnel Changes to Promote Profitability

Every institution has faced the possibilities of restructuring its management to promote economic growth. Such changes arise in the aftermath of low sales during harsh economic times. Not only do such changes promote profitability, but also encourage the infusion of fresh ideas essential in outwitting competitors. Hence, True Value has taken adequate steps to revamp its global distribution, logistics and supply chain to stimulate economic success.

The retail company has opted to hire Abhinav Shukla as its Chief Operating Officer and Vice President. Mr. Shukla’s immense experience in global supply chain management and financial operations have been lauded by various analysts. His appointment is expected to spur rapid distribution of products and promote sales.

True Value has set its sights on economic growth as part of its commercial stimulus program. To achieve this, they have deemed it necessary to hire Tim Mills as the Vice President for Growth. Mr. Mills’ highly publicized experience in strategic development, operations and hardware sales is a testament to his expertise and competency. He possesses the necessary tools to achieve the company’s goals and objectives.

Through it, institutions can connect with the target market and promote sales. Without it, companies are set for economic downfall. Hence, True Value has made the bold step of hiring Ken Goodgame as its new Chief Marketing Officer. As a former employee of Ace Hardware, Mr. Goodgame has a tremendous responsibility on his shoulders. Furthermore, his appointment has raised the expectations for an upturn in fortunes.

Ken Goodgame in Brief

Mr. Goodgame has become a household name in the retail sector. His stellar record has earned him accolades and admiration among his peers. For instance, he was recently crowned as a merchandising concepts expert. Such a title is speaks volumes about his expertise and competency.

Since his appointment, he has steered the company towards unprecedented success within a short time. For instance, he supervised the receipt of $ 320 M from inventories spread across 85,000 stock keeping units. Additionally, he also transformed a weak team into an industrious and creative crew with extensive expertise.

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  1. Kenneth Goodgame serves as the current Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of True Value Hardware Corporation. Marketing is a crucial component in the success of any enterprise. There is something that should go and make sure all these things work very well for them in the future.

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