Up Close and Personal with Luke Lazarus- a Winning Startup Consultant in Melbourne

Luke Lazarus is one of the best startups consultants in Melbourne. He has made quite a name for himself for offering the most insightful advice to startup CEO’s interested in taking their companies to the next level. Luke Lazarus is the guy that you need to talk to I you want to leverage the reputation of your brand.

Luke Lazarus is a graduate of the Melbourne Business School. After earning his MBA at 24, he dedicated his lie to helping ailing businesses regain momentum. Here are a few things that he shared about his work ethic and plans or the future.

How does his day start?

When asked how his day starts, Lazarus confided that he likes to wake up very early in the morning. He added that when he wakes up, the first thing that he does is meditation. He does this for fifteen minutes to clear his head. He follows this with a cup of coffee, and then he checks his emails.

After walking the dog, he heads to the gym for a workout, and when he is done, he starts his work day. He adds that one of the things that he has learned to do to stay productive is to make notes about everything he does. He reviews the notes the following morning to create a new list off action items.

How does he bring ideas to life?

Luke Lazarus admits that the best business ideas he has had over the years came from his problems. He often looks back into personal situations that he has been through before and uses them as a reference to help him solve work issues. Read more: Luke Lazarus – Investing.com and Luke Lazarus| Medium

Luke Lazarus adds that when it comes to branding, you have to find your unique positioning, which will fill a special gap in the market and keep it that way.

What is the one trend that excites him?

Luke considers the experience economy as one of the most exciting things happening in the business. Customers are always looking or businesses which share their values. The best way to win customers as a brand is by figuring out their values and connecting with them at that level.

What does he do as an entrepreneur that he recommends to others?

Luke Lazarus states that the best practice is to believe in one’s success.

Luke Lazarus concludes with his favorite quote that success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking. He believes that the service he offers transforms brands, and his track record is enough evidence.

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